07 Aug

How the mobile app market in India is set to grow rapidly

The mobile app market in India is rapidly expanding, at a time when the number of smartphone users in India will grow to 382 million by 2016 and the mobile games and applications market in India is expected to be a Rs. 2,700-crore market by 2016. The growing market for smartphones can be attributed to the growth in the number of brands that have come out with their own range of Android OS-enabled mobile phones. In addition, the global popularity of mobile gaming and mobile apps has contributed to building this burgeoning potential market.

Mobile trends have indicated that the smartphone craze won’t die down anytime soon; in fact, it is only increasing day by day as brands come out with much more cost-efficient models rich with lots of features. The reasons for the popularity of smartphones are many. A smartphone is like a personal assistant that you can carry with you wherever you go; an entertainment device, a portable case containing your memories in the form of photos and videos.

Mobile app trends in India lean heavily towards the entertainment category; this includes Bollywood, cricket, mobile games, music apps, instant messaging apps and social media apps. The Google Play store sees a plethora of mobile apps both in the free apps as well as the paid apps category, with some mobile users even opting for in-game or in-app purchases. A look at recent mobile trends would indicate that smartphones are no longer popular only in the metros; in fact, tier-2 and tier-3 cities are a huge market for smartphones that are feature-heavy yet affordable.

In addition, the demographics of the Indian app market is overwhelmingly young Indians in the age group of 18-35. These are consumers who are dynamic, aware, and more likely to switch between brands that are more tech-savvy and affordable for their budgets. This is because it is evident that today, in order to own a smartphone, one does not need to have deep pockets. Technology has come a long way, where the mobile market is extremely competitive. With multiple players coming up with their own innovations for mobile phones, one can get superior quality and excellent features within a reasonable price bracket. This further fuels the mobile app market in India as so many new users keep getting added nearly on a daily basis.

Finally, the most important feature that draws users to a particular smartphone model is its technical capability to run multiple mobile apps and mobile games. Strong tech specs and a superior battery life sound like basic features, but combine these with a great price range and you have a smartphone that is guaranteed to be a hit.

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04 Aug

6 Ways that Business Executives Use Smartphones to Excel at Work

Today’s fast-paced work environment requires every aspiring executive to understand what motivates them, and stay on top of everything they need to know for performing excellently at work. Productivity is key, and this is where technology can truly build your focus, help you stay organized and ensure you’re always well-informed. Here are 7 ways that business executives can use mobile technology to accelerate productivity and excel at their careers:

  1. Stay updated with tasks: Your smartphone is like your very own personal assistant; stay one step ahead always by using the right tools and apps to remember, record and execute all your important tasks. You’ll never forget another deadline again, with smart reminders that will prompt you whenever you have a pending item on your to-do list.
  2. Work even on the go: Successful business executives are always connected and always know how their business performs, no matter where they are. The right type of smartphone will enable you to work on presentations, spreadsheets and email seamlessly whenever the need arises.
  3. Drive business decisions: Increasingly, business executives use mobile to quickly research and share ideas and tools that could influence crucial business decisions. Mobile apps can also help executives collaborate with others on the team and brainstorm over ideas that can help them strategize more effectively. The ever-changing and dynamic business environment requires a medium that is immediate, and mobile fills this gap.
  4. Always be informed: Mobile is your connection to the world, through its instant updates, and apps that aggregate all the information you would find useful. Never miss an important launch, or news about your competitors, and send files instantly to clients and in addition build an organization that is much more aware.
  5. Organize your workflow: Collaboration is key in the modern workplace where every team member may not be in the same geographical location. Mobile technology can help organize your entire workflow, right from communicating with the team, checking on work that needs to be completed, and file storage to tracking expenses, keeping track of schedules and setting up important conference or video calls.
  6. Communicate better: Mobile technology enables companies to have constant connectivity with employees, stakeholders, vendors and clients. Employees can use mobile apps to connect across teams with others working on the same project, and clients can seamlessly communicate whenever the need arises, through web based communication services.

Mobile is a powerful tool for business executives who are passionate about what they do. Its multi-functional capabilities and instant communication helps business grow and succeed in achieving its target goals.

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31 Jul


Phi Φ – the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet – has a special place in the world of mathematics, art and architecture. It represents The Golden Ratio. This ratio is present in architecture ancient and modern; the Parthenon, the Egyptian pyramids, Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, and even the current United Nations headquarters in New York were built keeping this ratio in mind. Nature, too, bases its building blocks on this Golden Ratio – from flowers and fruits to the human body. Phi represents perfect proportions, which in turn result in harmony.

PHICOMM is an organization which believes in achieving such a perfect harmony through technology. Our sole objective is creating a better lifestyle for you, through technology – The Perfect Experience. In fact, our mission lies in achieving perfection in the networking and communication industry – not in sales but rather in customer experience. We want to create technology that enriches the everyday lives of our users.

To PHICOMM, every user’s experience is like a water-drop, precious and valuable. We care about adding value and improving the quality of life. The flowing technology we create is aimed at bringing energy to your life and supporting your passions. We want to make every day simple, yet perfect. We add efficiency to the work of our users. We give enterprise users stable and professional networking solutions to ensure greater efficiency and faster operations. To home users we provide smart networking to ensure a more convenient and intelligent network within their home. In short, we help people maximize their potential, wherever they are.

At PHICOMM, we abide by the Golden Ratio by mixing creativity and research in perfect proportions. We ensure we integrate youthful ideas supported by proven research.

Of course, in the process of making things better, feedback is imperative. That is why PHICOMM as an organization is always open to hear from you and learn more about what could make your lives better.

Join us as we pursue the perfect dream.

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