We make it possible

PHICOMM is a Research and Development oriented high-tech enterprise headquartered in Shanghai. As a company engaging in R&D, manufacturing and marketing, PHICOMM offers its users and clients a wide range of software and hardware such as mobile terminal, data communication products and cloud computing as well as overall solutions. Its users include individual consumers, enterprises, government departments and industry players.

With a mission of “Creating Better Communication”, PHICOMM has built its core competencies around “Quick Response and High Cost-Performance”, and has seen rapid growth over the years. Since its inception in 2009, PHICOMM has maintained an annual growth rate of over 200%, with a turnover in 2014 exceeding Rs 10,000 crore ($1.5 billion).

Our Vision

The name ‘PHICOMM’ combines the ancient Greek letter, ‘Phi’ with an English word, ‘Communication’. ‘Phi’ (Φ) represents the ‘Golden Section’, which is strictly proportioned, artistic and harmonious. PHICOMM means perfect communication. Our vision is to enable our users to communicate, express & build upon their passions towards a smarter life.

PHICOMM thrills the market with its phenomenal growth and commitment to a one-stop workflow – from research and design to manufacturing. With 55% of its employees dedicated to R&D and technical support, PHICOMM has a global footprint. Its 5,000 employees are spread across R&D bases in China, Germany and the US. R&D presence India and other key markets are on the anvil.

PHICOMM’s four business units – Mobile, SOHO, ENT, and Cloud – work as a strategic eco-system, providing smart solutions and applications for individuals, enterprises and industry users.


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