31 Jul


Phi Φ – the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet – has a special place in the world of mathematics, art and architecture. It represents The Golden Ratio. This ratio is present in architecture ancient and modern; the Parthenon, the Egyptian pyramids, Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, and even the current United Nations headquarters in New York were built keeping this ratio in mind. Nature, too, bases its building blocks on this Golden Ratio – from flowers and fruits to the human body. Phi represents perfect proportions, which in turn result in harmony.

PHICOMM is an organization which believes in achieving such a perfect harmony through technology. Our sole objective is creating a better lifestyle for you, through technology – The Perfect Experience. In fact, our mission lies in achieving perfection in the networking and communication industry – not in sales but rather in customer experience. We want to create technology that enriches the everyday lives of our users.

To PHICOMM, every user’s experience is like a water-drop, precious and valuable. We care about adding value and improving the quality of life. The flowing technology we create is aimed at bringing energy to your life and supporting your passions. We want to make every day simple, yet perfect. We add efficiency to the work of our users. We give enterprise users stable and professional networking solutions to ensure greater efficiency and faster operations. To home users we provide smart networking to ensure a more convenient and intelligent network within their home. In short, we help people maximize their potential, wherever they are.

At PHICOMM, we abide by the Golden Ratio by mixing creativity and research in perfect proportions. We ensure we integrate youthful ideas supported by proven research.

Of course, in the process of making things better, feedback is imperative. That is why PHICOMM as an organization is always open to hear from you and learn more about what could make your lives better.

Join us as we pursue the perfect dream.

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29 Jul

Your phone, your game buddy!

In the present era of smartphones, Mobile technology has taken the Indian market by storm, and it has revolutionized the way we perceive games on the phone space. A critical indication amongst the youth, i.e. gaming is no longer restricted to just Personal Computers and Gaming Consoles; it has transcended to a smarter level of top-of-the-line Android powered mobile games synced directly on to your smartphones, negating the need for huge data mounted on to DVDs and/or a massively supporting device that goes along with it for installation purposes.

Now coming to the matter at hand, how exactly is your phone your game buddy?

Firstly – Portability. Your phone is always on-the-go with you. If you’re bored, all you need to do is get your phone out, browse through the millions of android mobile games on the Play Store, and voila – you’re occupied for the next ‘n’ number of hours playing various adventure, sports and action games.

Secondly – Advanced technology. Your mobile technology has been comprehensively advancing since the initial years of its existence, and presently we have devices running on 64-bit processors (the processors your desktops and laptops run on), powered by lightning fast RAM, transforming them into miniature strikes of thunderbolts.

Thirdly – Extreme graphics. Normally, the compromising factor in most mobile phone games will be the graphics. But in the latest generation of smartphones, this hurdle has been overcome by integrating top notch graphics-oriented software onto their native/non-native games generating a lifelike experience in your mobile device.

Fourth – Variable sensors. Gaming on Android is quite versatile, providing add-on hardware that builds upon the gaming experience, transforming the game-play and integrating it within the device itself. This aspect lets you capitalize on gesture features or enable digital pads which manipulate a similar structure as that on a PC/Gaming console; thereby providing the user a holistic experience which mimics virtual reality.

Finally – Save time. All you need is fast internet and you’re almost done. With every mobile phone game simultaneously being released on the App Store, you don’t need to wait to procure multiple DVDs, download the crack, and install the game to get going.

Supporting multiplayer games is also a cinch, making your mobile phone your ultimate game buddy.

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